Ways to Give

Thank you for supporting UC Merced. Whether you want to give a gift today or would like to plan a gift that may have major tax advantages or provide lifetime income, UC Merced has experts who are dedicated to assisting you with the process.


The best way to give depends on your financial goals and your philanthropic interests. We are dedicated to helping you find the gift method that best suits your personal goals and will work with you in confidence to discuss your philanthropic vision. You can designate your gift for current use to help the university meet immediate, short-term goals or for impact in perpetuity, through creating an endowment or a planned gift.


Cash Gifts

Can be made by check, credit card or wire transfer.


Includes stocks, mutual funds and bonds.  Can provide relief from capital gains taxes.

Real Property


Includes land, farms, personal residences and rental and commercial property.  Eliminate property expenses and management.  Can provide relief from capital gains taxes.


Includes tangible personal property such as artwork or books that are donated for related educational purposes.


Current Use Funds

A current use fund is a fund that is expended over a short period of time.  Current use funds have an immediate impact on the purpose you specify and may provide a long-term legacy such as supporting a building fund.


A pledge allows you to promise a gift and make payments over time.  Pledges enable you to give more generously than what might be possible through a single contribution.  Pledges may be paid over a period of up to five years in annual, semiannual or quarterly installments with payments beginning at your convenience.


An endowment is a fund that is invested and maintained in perpetuity. Each year, investment income is used to support the purposes that a donor has specified. Endowed funds are invested to generate growth of principal and an increasing payout stream, which ensures that future funding for endowment-supported activities can be maintained.

Endowed funds provide lasting tribute to a named individual, family or group and create a highly visible link between the honoree and the university. Donors build strong ties with the beneficiaries of their endowment, sharing in the achievements made possible by their gifts. Because endowments are permanent, successive generations of a donors’ family maintain these relationships and reap the rewards from the honorary nature of their endowment.

Endowments provide a stable income for the university and foster academic excellence, enabling UC Merced to recruit and retain the best faculty, who in turn, will attract other top faculty and students. You can establish an endowment in the school, program or unit of your choice, and even name it in honor of yourself or your organization, loved ones, respected UC Merced professors or other significant individuals.

Gift Planning

Planned giving often allows donors to make a larger philanthropic impact than they may have previously thought possible. Planned gifts are gift arrangements that have specific tax advantages and can include lifetime income to the donor and/or a loved one. The importance of planned gifts to the ongoing support of UC Merced students, faculty, and programs cannot be overstated. They are an investment in the continuing excellence of the University of California, Merced. To learn more about gift planning, please visit our Gift Planning website.

To find out more information, please contact giving@ucmerced.edu or (209) 228-4401.

Thank you for your support.  Every gift makes a difference.