Graduate Student Fellowships

Support graduate fellowships today and pave the way for a better tomorrow.

Graduate education at UC Merced endeavors to create a significant and lasting impact on its surrounding communities, the state, the nation and the world. From DNA sequencing to energy efficient infrastructure modeling and social movement mapping, UC Merced’s graduate students and faculty are busy paving the way for a healthier, cleaner, better tomorrow. We believe that the impossible becomes probable when the brightest and most creative individuals are provided with unparalleled instruction and a heightened social and environmental consciousness.

Your gift to support Graduate Fellowships is critical to the success of our students, faculty and university. For our graduate students, the estimated cost of attendance is $29,495 for residents and $44,597 for non-residents. UC Merced’s faculty has committed to work together to provide course offerings and research experiences that transcend disciplinary boundaries and attack important, real-world problems.

If you would like to share a commitment to our vision, students will benefit from your support in the following areas:

• Applied Mathematics

• Biological Engineering and Small-Scale Technologies

• Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

• Environmental Systems

• Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics

• Physics and Chemistry

• Quantitative and Systems Biology

• Social and Cognitive Sciences

• World Cultures

We welcome you to direct any inquiries you may have to (209) 228-4401 or


Thank you for your support. Every gift makes a difference.


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