Private gifts make a tremendous impact on all facets of the university. Private support is vital to advancing UC Merced’s educational mission of teaching, conducting research and serving the people of the San Joaquin Valley, California, the nation and the world.

Health Sciences Research Institute
The Health Sciences Research Institute (HRSI) is critical to the campus’s long-term goal of bringing state-of-the art technology, biotech industry and improved health research to the San Joaquin Valley, to California and to the world. The generosity of our donors not only enhances the quality of the HSRI, but also helps young researchers attain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed and lead in the 21st century of research. Your philanthropic gifts help provide critical support for students, operations and equipment that ensure the long-term sustainability of the HSRI and increase the success of research into infectious and chronic diseases, cognitive sciences, health psychology, informatics, bioengineering, multicultural health and stem cell biology.

Sierra Nevada Research Institute
The Sierra Nevada Research Institute (SNRI) is the first of UC Merced’s signature interdisciplinary research institutes, and draws in top-notch experts in the natural sciences, engineering and policy sciences. Your gift supports diverse activities, such as graduate student fellowships, undergraduate research, field stations and equipment, all of which are essential components of our research and educational mission and are critical for the success of our students and faculty. Gifts from friends and alumni support cutting-edge research of the Sierra Nevada Research Institute so they can better understand how climate changes, shifts in land use and other human activities will affect the region.

UC Merced Energy Institute
The UC Merced Energy Research Institute (UCMERI) is a multidisciplinary research institute focused on research and education in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Your gift to the UCMERI supports research, graduate student fellowships, undergraduate research opportunities, and equipment that is essential for the success of our students, faculty and institute.

UC Merced Stem Cell Biology Consortium
Led by an innovative group of award-winning faculty, UC Merced has moved quickly into the exciting field of stem cell research, and the UC Merced Stem Cell Biology Consortium is the modern facility where innovative research takes place. Your generous contribution to the UC Merced Stem Cell Biology Consortium helps to support graduate student fellowships, highly specialized instrumentation and undergraduate research opportunities in a cutting-edge research environment.