School of Engineering

Create an environment for research that changes the world.

The mission of the School of Engineering is to develop a program that fosters fundamental research advances, nurtures the education of exceptional students and provides the continued support of alumni who will assume leadership positions at all levels of engineering professions. Our highest priority is to create an environment for research and education that is aimed at changing the world around us. The school is committed to combining teaching efforts, research activities and community service through creative partnerships at the local and state levels.

Some of the research programs that would benefit from your support include:

• Bioengineering and Small Scale Technologies

• Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

• Sustainable and Renewable Energy

• Environmental Systems

• Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics

You will also be supporting student programs and outreach, such as:

• Engineering Service Learning Projects

• Graduate Student Fellowships

• Undergraduate Internships

Gifts from alumni and friends will allow the school to pursue its vital research, teaching, and service mission.

We welcome you to direct any inquiries you may have to (209) 228-4401 or


Thank you for your support. Every gift makes a difference.