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Help the School of Natural Sciences in its pursuit to solve the world’s complex problems.

The aim of the School of Natural Sciences is to build a thriving multidisciplinary research environment where both faculty and students gain critical understanding of the physical and natural world. Advances in biology, chemistry, earth sciences, mathematics, and physics promise solutions to many of the world’s most pressing problems, such as fighting disease and creating sustainable energy sources.

Your gift to the School of Natural Sciences funds research, graduate student fellowships, undergraduate research opportunities, equipment and other current needs that are critical to success of our students, faculty and school.

Research programs that would benefit from your support include:

• Biomedical/Health Sciences

• Sustainable and Renewable Energy

• Nanoscience

• Environmental Sciences

• Applied Mathematics

You will also be supporting student programs and outreach, such as:

• Science and Mathematics Education

• Graduate Student Fellowships

• Undergraduate Internships

Gifts from alumni and friends will allow the school to pursue its vital research, teaching, and service mission.

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Thank you for your support. Every gift makes a difference.

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