Sierra Nevada Research Institute

Your gift helps the Sierra Nevada Research Institute answer questions that make a difference.

Sierra Nevada Research InstituteThe Sierra Nevada Research Institute (SNRI) is the first of UC Merced’s signature interdisciplinary research institutes, and draws in top-notch experts in the natural sciences, engineering and policy sciences, forming diverse research collaborations with UC Merced professors.

Your gift to the Sierra Nevada Research Institute supports graduate student fellowships, undergraduate research, field stations and equipment, all of which are essential to our research and educational mission—and critical for the success of our students and faculty.

Several areas of research would benefit from your support and help build the knowledge base for future decisions across the Sierra Nevada and Central Valley, including:


• Ecology and Ecosystem Science: understanding forests, meadows, wetlands, rivers
  and streams

• Climate and Hydrology: predicting mountain snow, valley groundwater and
  connections in between

• Environmental Economics, Policy and Management: linking science with decisions on
  land, water, air and energy

• Air Pollution and Public Health: seeking knowledge to improve human health in the

Gifts from friends and alumni will allow the Sierra Nevada Research Institute to pursue cutting-edge research to better understand how climate change, shifts in land use and other human activities will affect the region.

If you have questions or would like to target your donation for a specific purpose, please contact Armando Quintero, Director of Development, at or Roger Bales, Director of the Sierra Nevada Research Institute, at

Thank you for your support. Every gift makes a difference.