UC Merced Energy Institute

Support research for sustainable energy technologies that will transform the global energy landscape.

The UC Merced Energy Research Institute (UCMERI) conducts cross-disciplinary research that leads to new and improved renewable and sustainable energy technologies. The UCMERI examines global energy policies, sets the standard for institutional energy efficiency and sustainable energy futures, and educates the next generation of energy scholars and practitioners.

UCMERI’s 15 faculty members come from a variety of disciplines, and includes mechanical engineers, materials scientists, physicists, environmental engineers, biochemists, computer scientists and social scientists from the Schools of Engineering, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts.

Several focus areas of research that would benefit from your support include:

• Solar Concentration: understanding thermodynamically efficient solar concentration,
  which can be used for more efficient electric power

• Energy Efficiency and Intelligent Infrastructure: researching smart energy structures

• Solar Forecasting: predicting solar energy intensity and availability for electricity grid
  management purposes

• Thermal Science: investigating improved efficiency and reduced emissions of internal
  combustion engines

• Nanotechnology: discovering how to enhance solar cells and quantum dot solar 
  energy concentrators for photovoltaic energy conversion

• Global Energy Curriculum: educating tomorrow’s scientists, engineers,  
  businesspeople and policy-makers

From research to innovation to commercialization, UCMERI will have a transformative effect on California’s Central Valley and the global energy landscape.

To learn more about UCMERI, contact Ron Durbin, at rdurbin@ucmerced.edu or (209) 228-4100. You can also visit https://ucmeri.ucmerced.edu.

Thank you for your support. Every gift makes a difference.