UC Merced Library

Make a donation to the library of the future.

The motto of the UC Merced Library is “Not what other research libraries are, what they will be.” Your gift will allow the UC Merced Library to live up to its motto and to provide the entire campus with a forward-thinking, technologically advanced library worthy of the first research university of the 21st century.

Your contribution to the UC Merced Library provides students and faculty with the information resources and information technologies they need for learning, conducting research and succeeding in the information economy that defines this new century.

A number of library services and areas of research that will benefit from your gift include:

• Acquisition of information resources, both print and electronic, to support research
  and instruction at UC Merced and across the UC system

• Placement in new and existing campus academic buildings of technologically
  advanced, remote library spaces, which will be used by students in much the same 
  way they use the current library building: for study, collaboration, socializing, and
  accessing information resources

• Enhancement of library instructional technologies, which will provide students with
  the information-literacy capabilities they need to succeed in both their research
  intensive UC courses and in their professional lives after graduation

• Development of digital systems to capture, preserve, and make available for future
  researchers the vast amounts of valuable data generated by UC Merced faculty and
  student researchers; the UC Merced Library is dedicated to taking a leadership role
  in this area in order to ensure that the essential intellectual output of our research
  university does not simply disappear over time

We welcome you to direct any inquiries you may have to (209) 228-4401 or giving@ucmerced.edu.


Thank you for your support. Every gift makes a difference.