We Believe In Making An Impact

Private gifts make a tremendous impact on all facets of the university. Private support is vital to advancing UC Merced’s educational mission of teaching, conducting research and serving the people of the San Joaquin Valley, California, the nation and the world.



Health Sciences Research Institute
The Health Sciences Research Institute (HSRI) is critical to the campus’s long-term goal of bringing state-of-the art technology, biotech industry and improved health research to the San Joaquin Valley, to California and to the world. The generosity of our donors not only enhances the quality of the HSRI, but also helps young researchers attain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed and lead in the 21st century of research. Your philanthropic gifts help provide critical support for students, operations and equipment that ensure the long-term sustainability of the HSRI and increase the success of research into infectious and chronic diseases, cognitive sciences, health psychology, informatics, bioengineering, multicultural health and stem cell biology.

Sierra Nevada Research Institute
The Sierra Nevada Research Institute (SNRI) is the first of UC Merced’s signature interdisciplinary research institutes, and draws in top-notch experts in the natural sciences, engineering and policy sciences. Your gift supports diverse activities, such as graduate student fellowships, undergraduate research, field stations and equipment, all of which are essential components of our research and educational mission and are critical for the success of our students and faculty. Gifts from friends and alumni support cutting-edge research of the Sierra Nevada Research Institute so they can better understand how climate changes, shifts in land use and other human activities will affect the region.

UC Merced Energy Institute
The UC Merced Energy Research Institute (UCMERI) is a multidisciplinary research institute focused on research and education in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Your gift to the UCMERI supports research, graduate student fellowships, undergraduate research opportunities, and equipment that is essential for the success of our students, faculty and institute.

UC Merced Stem Cell Biology Consortium
Led by an innovative group of award-winning faculty, UC Merced has moved quickly into the exciting field of stem cell research, and the UC Merced Stem Cell Biology Consortium is the modern facility where innovative research takes place. Your generous contribution to the UC Merced Stem Cell Biology Consortium helps to support graduate student fellowships, highly specialized instrumentation and undergraduate research opportunities in a cutting-edge research environment.



Bobcat Club
All Intercollegiate Athletic teams benefit from your contribution. For more information on supporting UC Merced Athletics please click the Athletics link above.

Class Gift 2013
UC Merced Class of 2013 has voted to raise funds to support outdoor recreation activities. We encourage our graduates to make a gift of $20.13 in honor of your class year. It doesn't matter how much you give, but that you show your support of your alma mater at this important milestone moment.

Graduate Student Fellowships
Your gift to support Graduate Fellowships is a gift to support possibilities. From tissue engineering to cancer treatments, from modeling energy efficient buildings and wireless links to solar radiation mapping, UC Merced graduate students are busy making discoveries work.

Student Affairs
The Division of Student Affairs strives to maintain a campus community that celebrates diversity, academic achievement and civic engagement. Your generous support helps us maintain a positive campus environment, advance technological resources for the benefit of students, promote student wellness and provide collaborative educational partnerships—all of which help our students achieve excellence in and outside the classroom or laboratory.

Undergraduate Scholarships
The majority of UC Merced students need financial assistance to complete their education. Your gift to the UC Merced Scholarship fund helps make a college education affordable for all students, regardless of their families’ financial circumstances. When you support UC Merced’s students, you are ensuring a bright future for California and improving society through higher education.



School of Engineering
The UC Merced School of Engineering is a research community devoted to learning, discovery and service. The School provides an exceptional technical and professional education and instills in our students advanced problem-solving skills, effective leadership qualities, and the ability to recognize and build on individual strengths throughout one’s career. Your gift to the School of Engineering supports a broad range of activities, such as research, graduate student fellowships, undergraduate research opportunities and equipment that is critical to success of our students, faculty and school.

School of Natural Sciences
The vision of the School of Natural Sciences is to develop interdisciplinary research programs and innovative undergraduate and graduate curricula, to distinguish itself among established science programs, to provide the best possible preparation for its students as they address the many scientific challenges of the 21st century and to address the needs of its stakeholders in the region and the state of California. Your gift to the School of Natural Sciences supports diverse activities, such as research, graduate student fellowships, undergraduate research opportunities and equipment that is crucial to the achievements of our students, faculty and school.

School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts
At the School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Art, cutting-edge research and world-renowned faculty shape students into the new leaders of tomorrow. Your thoughtful donation will provide financial support for our students, allowing them to spend more time in the classroom and giving them the unique opportunity to get to know their professors and to work with them on research projects. It will also expand the ability of our exceptional faculty to pursue research in many areas, including archaeological studies, world heritage preservation, economics, cognitive science, history, political science, literature, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, sociology and the creative arts.


Distinctive Programs

Early Childhood Education Center Scholarships

The UC Merced Early Childhood Education Center (ECEC) offers early care and education services for the young children of UC Merced students, faculty, staff and the Merced community. We believe that all young children have the right to be served in a high quality program with educated professional teachers and engaging learning experiences. The infant, toddler and preschool classrooms offer individualized care for each child, while supporting skills and knowledge to prepare them to be engaged life-long learners. The program is accredited by the National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Programs (NAC).

UC Merced Annual Fund
Philanthropic support is critical to helping the university meet the challenges of the next 100 years. Your gift supports the students and faculty at UC Merced, helping them achieve excellence and carry out the university’s mission of teaching, research and service.

UC Merced Library
Your gift provides students and faculty with the information resources and information technologies they need to learn, conduct research, and succeed in the information economy that defines this century. Your gift helps to provide the university with a forward-thinking, technologically advanced library worthy of the first research university of the 21st century.


Community Service

Arts UC Merced Presents
Your gift will enrich the community by helping to support artists, build audiences and continue to create community on campus and throughout Merced.

UC Merced Police Department Mentor Program
Your gift provides needed resources for mentoring our at-risk youth, including funds for materials, transportation, nourishment, and recreation. Challenge a child’s mind, change a child’s life, give some time, have a care and help make the dream come true.


Special Initiatives

Chancellor’s Associates
Chancellor’s Associates are a group of community leaders who take pride in the fact that the University of California is considered worldwide to be the premiere public research university. Chancellor’s Associates give annually to help provide student assistance, support research, recruit top-notch faculty and strengthen community partnerships.

Chancellor’s Pioneers
Chancellor’s Pioneers are recent graduates who continue to support the campus annually and stay involved with UC Merced.

University Friends Circle
University Friends Circle is comprised of dynamic individuals from our local communities, together with UC Merced faculty, staff and partners dedicated to inspiring and maintaining strong relationships between the UC Merced community and the communities of the San Joaquin Valley. Your thoughtful gift will provide critical support and recognition to UC Merced students and their service organizations, especially those that have demonstrated significant involvement in their local communities through volunteer efforts and strong civic engagement. Our students’ energy and skill continue to support many San Joaquin Valley organizations, filling a critical need in our local communities.